Jimmy Current Bio

Jimmy Current is a Music Group from BC, Canada.

Their music and work is and was an Art Project, a Brand and a Character.

Their music is best enjoyed free from studying their lyrics as indication of who they are. The music is more a psychological study of those who listen to it and what they interpret it as and what it inspires them to do.

Jimmy Current was Justin Mayer & Daryl Kehler. Justin Mayer attended Durham College for Design & Business. It is important to note that he is a Buddhist and not an atheist. Daryl Kehler attended Trebas Institute for Music.

Jimmy Current is currently retired with no future plans.

Main Bio

Jimmy Current is a Canadian Music Group hailing from British Columbia. Comprised of two strong willed individuals they chose to go their way. They turned down high paying job offers, relocated across country and province, and shed blood sweat and tears in their quest to make their music. Not only did they achieve their goal, they made the music they wanted to and are both living healthy fulfilling lives.

Art Focus

Jimmy Current’s focus in music was more Art driven and Social Commentary. Within this music these two individuals are playing roles to create the character Jimmy Current.

Melting Pot Of Musical Desires

Their sound is big lush compositions containing Hheavy bass, catchy hooks, aggressive and smooth rapping, synthesizers and live guitar. Jimmy Current combines Electro-Pop, Rock and Hip Hop into a melting pot of musical desires. Crafting their own instrumentals and writing their own lyrics their music is raw and full of energy and emotion. Their simple yet complex songs will leave you always finding something new. While straight up, if you read between the lines you might be able to find a deeper meaning. This deeper meaning is of love, awareness, acceptance, understanding, non-suicide and healthy living.

Screaming Roller Coaster Ride

Current’s music encapsulates uptempo dance music to smooth rolling pop songs to edgy rock. This makes Jimmy Current’s catalogue a screaming roller coaster ride to say the least. Always packed with emotion, their music is their therapy. Their often aggressive deliveries and “socially aware” lyrics are reminiscent of classics. Their sometimes darker and disturbing lyrical content helps to maintain a real vibe and emotional reaction.

Pedal Down

After releasing their debut album “is…” in December of 2008, Jimmy Current kept the pedal down. While working on what was to be their next album “Sex & Suicide”, they ultimately released “WantID” & “Without Prejudice” in the process.

Some credits/accomplishments

Jimmy has had music used on major networks such as MTV 2, Much More Music, The Comedy Network, WE, Oxygen, Netflix and the Sundance Channel to name a few.

Jimmy performed at the Opening Ceremonies of the 2011 Western Canadian Summer Games right before the entrance and lighting of the torch. It was said by the current President that the 2011 Opening Ceremonies were the best opening ceremonies in the games History.

They were nominated for a 2009 & 2010 BCIMA in the Urban/Dance Category.

Current has received commercial airplay for their singles “Change The World” and “You Make Me Crazy” along with College Airplay for many of their songs.

Jimmy Current Bio

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