Jimmy Current Sex & Suicide

Jimmy Current Sex & Suicide


Sex & Suicide


Sex & Suicide is an epic double album hitting on two of the biggest things being talked about and focused on over a extended period of time, in more then just mainstream and society. We all face problems with Sex & Suicide, whether they are internal or external, and very little is done to fix the overall epidemic.

It is a bit of a psychological attempt to help people in overcoming their fear of sex and/or love, as well to help them release their anger and avoid suicide. It is also to encourage others to be their true self and to not shy away from who they are inside. It is also one of sacrifice and control, to not run from sex or suicide but to confront it head on. It is meant to remove the dysfunction and drama from life through pointed lyrics and aggressive music.

It was designed to be listened through front to back, in an effort of to help the user in a non evasive and transparent way. Side A is based more in the commerce world and Side B is based more in the Art World. Intermingled within each sides main style and theme are signs of the other side.

Sex & Suicide is designed to help peoples lives. To give people a tool to use to make their life better. All it takes is an open mind.


Sex & Suicide is the fourth commercial release from Jimmy Current. A 33 song concept album, designed like a novel, each track precisely placed within the context of the story. As one song flows into another, if astute, you will notice clever foreshadowing as well as subtle yet glaring similarities between songs, all which help to tie everything together in an elaborately fancy, yet simple bow.

While showcasing two opposing styles, the two sides help to strike a remarkable balance and an overall theme of love and forgiveness, strength and courage. With come-on strong moments of raunchy sex as well as dark and depressing suicidal thoughts, this album is meant to help you accept your naughtier side and overcome your misery and anger.

A psychological experiment hidden within their message, Sex & Suicide utilizes intense emotions within this high art form to try and create positive change, mentally and physically. Intertwined within the “Sex” and “Suicide” are charming love songs and keen observations on the World. Often times considered extremely controversial, if interpreted correctly, you will find the message isn’t of fighting or anger, but rather of love, acceptance and coming together. Never ones to shy away from speaking their minds, Jimmy Current only offers some different takes and insights into edgy subjects others often avoid.

Side “Sex” is generally uptempo and fun, made specifically for Women to dance to. Mostly filled with flirtatious and sexual commentary, the foundation is of relationships and love.

Side “Suicide” is generally down-tempo and dark, made specifically for those more artistic and depressive souls.  Filled with much sadness and anger, the foundation is of strength and forgiveness.

An aural eargasm, Jimmy Current manages to retain their combined style in this lengthy concept album. With Justin Mayer’s synth driven electro sound and Daryl Kehler’s rockier raw guitar driven sound, the combined efforts are a menage a trois of sultry sonic sound scape. Whether looking to shake your fine booty, or simply to release emotion after a bad day, with 33 songs, Sex & Suicide will have you covered for a long-time to come.